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Apr 03, 2024

Remedy Reset Cleanse: All You Need To Know


Why Cleanse or Reset?

In a world with constant hustle and bustle where stress, everyday busy-ness, and the convenience of unhealthy options can cloud our eating habits and impact our overall well-being, finding moments of nourishment for the body and mind are so important for us all. Our bodies often send signals that we overlook amidst the chaos. Taking mindful moments to really tune-in to what our bodies need helps us to implement practices and incorporate nutrition towards achieving overall well-being.


If you’ve ever researched the effects of a cleanse on your body, you probably came across countless sources sharing the benefits and effects on the mind, body, and soul. There’s a wealth of evidence suggesting that cleansing can offer numerous benefits; from improved digestion and immune support to heightened energy levels and a radiant glow. Resetting your body from the inside out can holistically support all the different systems within the body. It’s helpful to take a step back, pause, and reset- giving yourself a few days to recalibrate, giving your digestive system a break, healing your gut, and flooding your body with antioxidants and nutrients.

What is the Remedy Reset?

The Remedy Reset Program is a mindfully-crafted 3-day cleanse created by Remedy Organics’ founder and holistic nutritionist, Cindy Kasindorf. This Remedy Reset cleanse aims to flood your body with nutrient-rich superfoods, botanical herbs, and adaptogens, while allowing your body to reset. The Remedy Reset was designed to improve digestion, support your immune system, and provide a boost of energy.

During The Remedy Reset, each day is an invitation to embrace the healing power of plants. Remedy Organics’ wellness shakes, infused with a plethora of functional ingredients such as matcha, turmeric, cacao, blue spirulina, ashwagandha, maca, elderberry, and more, are the cornerstones of this cleanse. The shakes included in the program; Matcha Fuel, Cacao Essentials, Blue Essentials, Berry Immunity, Golden Mind, and Super Chai Fuel, are crafted to offer delicious flavors and multifunctional benefits. The 3-day Remedy Reset is designed to flood your system with antioxidants, prebiotics, and adaptogens to cleanse and rejuvenate from within.

Included in the Remedy Reset along with the wellness shakes and immunity+ shots is a Remedy Organics’ Mindfulness Journal as it is Cindy’s belief that mindfulness is a pillar of wellness. This journal allows you to set intentions, have gratitude, and bring awareness to how you are feeling & set healthy habits. Additionally included is a Remedy Reset Guide that outlines the meals and instructions during the cleanse. 


The Remedy Reset Broken-Down:

The 3-Day Remedy Reset consists of breakfast, lunch, a 3PM snack, and dinner per day. Along with the wellness shakes and immunity+ shots, we recommend you drink 2 cups of freshly-squeezed lemon water or herbal tea before breakfast and in between each meal during the 3-day Remedy Reset. 


Remedy Reset Breakfast:


For breakfast, you begin your journey with our Remedy Organics Matcha Fuel—a blend of organic matcha, turmeric, 12g plant-based protein, and prebiotics. Studies have shown matcha to be rich in antioxidants, aiding in metabolism and promoting energy without the jitters that are normally associated with caffeine (goodbye morning coffee-crash!). Our Matcha Fuel is paired with an Immunity+ Protect shot that is designed for immunity support and defense! Each shot is crafted with 100% organic ingredients like elderberry, ginger, and cayenne; providing 150% daily value of Vitamin C and is rich in Vitamin D + Zinc to aid your body’s natural healing and protection – the perfect boost for first thing in the morning!


Remedy Reset Lunch:


Lunch consists of our Cacao Essentials and Blue Essentials wellness shakes followed by our Immunity+ Heal shot. Indulge yourself in our creamy, dark chocolate Cacao Essentials, combining cacao, dates, hemp seeds, maca, ashwagandha, prebiotics, and 16g of plant-based protein, fostering a boost in your mood and energy! Follow this shake with our Blue Essentials, packed with antioxidants, blue spirulina, MCT oil, and prebiotics, which provides a burst of nourishment mid-day. Finish lunch off with our Immunity+ Heal wellness shot, which provides an excellent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, ginger, turmeric, lemon, Zinc, and prebiotics to boost your body’s natural power to heal and recover!


Remedy Reset 3pm Snack:


For the moment when the day’s pace tends to lag and energy levels start to decline, enjoy our Berry Immunity wellness shake. Full of essential nutrients, featuring elderberry, Vitamin C, strawberry, MCT Oil, dragon fruit, lion's mane mushroom extract, and prebiotics, our Berry Immunity is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up that promotes immunity! To further combat the afternoon dip in energy, the Remedy Reset pairs your 3 pm Berry Immunity wellness shake with an immunity+ Energize shot that contains 75mg of caffeine derived from Matcha, L-theanine, Vitamin C+D, Zinc, Ginger, and prebiotics. Our immunity+ Energize shots are soulfully crafted to provide a quick, clean burst of energy for the afternoon. 


Remedy Reset Dinner: 


To finish out the mindful day, our Golden Mind, featuring turmeric, MCT oil, ginger, vegan DHA oil, and 10g of plant-based protein aims to support cognitive health and overall well-being. Our Super Chai Fuel combines 12g of plant-based protein, hemp seeds, spices, and prebiotics to provide a nourishing yet indulgent experience. Top it all off with our immunity+ Digest shot that contains apple cider vinegar, ginger, cayenne, Zinc, Vitamin C+D, and prebiotics to aid in digestion.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Remedy Reset Cleanse


Does the Reset Cleanse help you lose weight?

Our Remedy Reset program is designed to support and reset your body for overall wellness to transform in 3-days. While we do not promote the Remedy Reset Program for weight loss, many of our consumers have left reviews sharing that they have seen weight loss, reduced cravings, and less bloating among other benefits. It is very personal from one individual to another. 


Can I have Coffee during the Remedy Reset?

Before the beginning of your cleanse, we recommend cutting back on caffeine to prepare your body to best absorb the nutrients found within our wellness shakes and immunity shots. To reap the benefits during the 3-day cleanse, avoid alcohol and coffee. Our Matcha Fuel, the wellness shake enjoyed for breakfast, contains 50mg of naturally-occurring caffeine to provide a boost of focused and sustained energy!


Can I have a meal during the Remedy Reset?

During your cleanse, listen to your body. Should you feel the need, you can supplement with a clean, light meal or snack. After completing the Remedy Reset, carefully reintroduce light, nutritious meals and avoid processed foods.


Do I drink the wellness shake or immunity+ shot first during the Remedy Reset? 

During the Reset program, you can take the shots or shakes in whatever order feels best for your body.

Throughout the Remedy Reset, we encourage you to take advantage of the included Remedy Mindfulness journal; set intentions, note how you are feeling, check in with yourself & listen to what your body is telling you. 

To truly embrace this transformational experience, we recommend refraining from alcohol and coffee during the Reset. By doing so, you allow your body to fully absorb the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients offered within each wellness shake and immunity+ shot. 

The program includes a total of (18) 12oz wellness shakes, (12) 2oz immunity+ shots, our Remedy mindfulness journal, and a detailed guide to support you through every step of your journey!

Our Remedy Reset isn't just a cleanse; it's a commitment to holistic wellness, a journey to reconnect with your body and soul, and a chance to revitalize & nourish from within. Three days to transform, revitalize, and rediscover your inner radiance.


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